Several weeks ago, I experienced the loss of my mother. It was a tremendously difficult time as I watched her live out her last days. I had the good fortune of a hospice service who provided staff to help ensure that she was comfortable and provide whatever assistance possible to my brother and myself.

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire was one of the staff members of the hospice service who came to help ensure that my mother was comfortable and that we had someone to talk to during those difficult days. Little did I know that Dr. Brookshire was going to provide much more than what she had come to do. In our many conversations I told Dr. Brookshire about another serious situation that was occurring with my three-year-old grandson. He had been sick and bleeding for almost a year and the numerous doctors and hospitals we had taken him to, including CHOP, could not diagnose his problem. He had been placed on an elemental formula and steroids and antibiotics, he had had numerous transfusions and iron infusions, he had not been allowed any food for months. and was still no better nor any closer to even a diagnosis, than he had been a year ago. Simply from our conversations, Dr. Brookshire thought she knew what might be wrong. She wanted to confirm her suspicions so she requested a copy of my grandson’s most recent blood tests so that she could consult with another professional on what she believed was the problem. She received that confirmation and contacted me immediately. She placed my grandson on a regimen of specialized herbs and procedures and advised us to begin offering him food. The results were amazing. He began to improve almost immediately, and we began to see confirmation of what Dr. Brookshire had diagnosed. My little grandson was infected with parasites. He has continued to improve and we have continued contact with Dr. Brookshire and will continue to follow her expert advice and counsel. She has been a miracle in our lives in more ways the one, and we owe her more than we could ever repay.

I hope that this small testimony will convince others to heed your advice and counsel, as you are truly a phenomenal woman connected to God in the most purest of ways.



Dr. LaJoyce,

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
You took time out of your busy schedule to connect and I appreciate it. I don’t know how you do it!? Wait, I know how, you just do it.
On the Micro Daily: I took a 10-day trip to Brazil last year, and when I got back a week later it seemed as though I was having trouble with my stool, it didn’t look quite right. I had listened to your show and heard some of the testimonies, and thought about trying the Micro Daily. Well, after about 2 weeks or so on the MD capsules, my stool returned to normal! (I’ve always been pretty in tune with my body), Thankfully.

Blessings, Patty K ~ California


Thank you for helping me become a healthier person in 2019. I have lost 20 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes using your Wellness Plan. Making progress on my water intake and exercising. All in all, thank you for your guidance and for you being an outstanding gifted Doctor.
God Bless you!

Naomi ~ North Carolina


Just want to let you know, you are the other woman in my Mr. Wonderful’s life (my husband)! After he listened to your show Sunday,
he sent this message to my sister and Brother In-Law:

“We all laughed at Mel when she was explaining to us about this magnetic jewelry. We owe her an apology. She was right.”
Now he wants me to buy him a piece of the Magnetude Jewelry. AND he has agreed to put his phone in the other room at night.
Thanks for being the other women in his life 💃👏🏽👍🏾

Melody ~ GEORGIA – (order at www.MagnetudeJewelry.com/DrLaJoyce)


I had been listening to Dr. Brookshire’s “Ask the good Doctor” on SiriusXM On-Demand. I heard people on different shows give their Testimony.
I heard Dr. Brookshire say, ‘you have to start with what you’re putting in your mouth because it affects your health.’
I had recurring lesions for a couple of years and have recently been diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I was being treated with several antibiotics that the lesions were not responding to and did not work. The lesions do eventually close on their own over a long period of time.

When I contacted Dr. Brookshire I had a lesion underneath my right armpit that had not healed for almost a year. Dr. Brookshire had me on a 3-step natural cleanse along with clean eating that resulted in the lesion closing. Praise God!!! It was not easy for me to give up a lifetime of eating beef, pork and other unhealthy foods/junk foods.

I’m sooo happy to have Dr. Brookshire in my life. Just knowing I can reach out to her at any time gives me a great sense of relief. Thank you again Dr. Brookshire for coming into my life when you did. God knew I was going to need you.😉
Leslie ~ Florida


I wanted to let you know I went to the asthma doctor today. I am breathing much better since I stopped taking the drugs and took Dr. Schulze’s Lung. The doctor and I were talking about being safe with the virus and I stated that I was working on building up my Immune System. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was working with a Naturopathic doctor and drinking a green juice. She asked me what was in it. After I told her, she said “Don’t listen to that.” Then she proceeded to tell me to take hot and cold showers – that would help me against Covid. She also prescribed a nasal spray she wanted me to start taking for the ragweed season. Of course, I am not planning to do that and will keep using the protocol you prescribed. I just wanted to share because the doctors really don’t want to hear about natural remedies. She wanted me to take the flu vaccine and I told her I don’t get that and would not take any vaccine they invent for the Covid.


“Clear Mind & Skin”

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with the plan of care. This is day 17 and I have lost 7 pounds! My face looks brighter and my skin is smoother. I feel more energetic and clear-minded. I think the Micro Daily is responsible for that, so I have ordered it again. My tongue is less coated. I am finally pooping 3 times a day. I know I’m getting 5 servings of vegetables.

I am still struggling with water intake although I am drinking more than I was. At least 64-90 ounces. I also struggle with getting to sleep at 10pm but I do get in the bed. But I am following the meal plan (I’m soooo ready for some turkey meatloaf or turkey wings 🙂). I am eagerly awaiting our next consult.


“Good Food for The Soul”

I purchased your recipe book Kitchen Warriors 101. Boy, I am so blessed to have purchased this one. This book provided me with healthy and delicious meals that are good for my soul. Thank you for sharing!

Andrea ~ FLORIDA

“90 day program with Dr. Brookshire”

I decided to enroll in the 90 day program with Dr. Brookshire. We had
Virtual meetings once a month and I was always able to communicate with
Her over any concerns I had through e-mail. I was most impressed by her
Concern for my overall health (physical, mental and spiritual). Without
Discussing my various issues, I can happily say that after our 90 day
Program, I have experienced great improvement in my bathroom
Regularity, my skin in smoother and clearer, my energy level is higher, I’ve
Been able to safely reduce my medication and most surprising, is the
Improvement in my vision. At the end of the program, she accents it by
Letting you know how to maintain and thereby, overtime, improve my
Total health. Just talking with her in general she reveals a lot of
Information about how wonderfully made our bodies are and the body’s
Amazing ability to heal itself when given the right foods.

I encourage anyone who really is committed to better OVERALL health
To seek her service and guidance.