Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire

~ BIO ~

Ask LaJoyce Brookshire who she is and quickly she will tell you she’s God’s Girl, a full-time wife and mother, and a part-time everything else. She is a licensed and ordained Pastor, Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Bestselling Author, Professor at The City University of New York, and Host of ASK THE GOOD DOCTOR on JAM NETWORK TV.

As a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health, Dr. Brookshire is a Naturopath in the Poconos treating many how to attain, maintain, and reclaim ones Perfect Health with everything in nature. Affectionately called “The Good Doctor”, Brookshire teaches that you ARE what you eat. She held class weekly on SiriusXM UrbanView Channel 126 for four years.

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire is a New York Times bestselling author of the novel based on the movie Soul Food making her the First African American to novelize a major motion picture. With six concurrent bestselling books, Faith Under Fire: Betrayed by a Thing Called Love, Web of Deception, The Last Listening Party of the Notorious B.I.G., and three books in the Ask The Good Doctor book series, Brookshire’s next venture RENEWING YOUR MIND INK is a publishing imprint of PEACE IN THE STORM PUBLISHING. The first two releases on this imprint are The Detox Edition Remixed for a Healthy New You and the just released cookbook KITCHEN WARRIORS 101: Homemade Healthy.

Dr. LaJoyce transitioned the Faith Under Fire memoir about the man who married her knowing he had AIDS which sold over 250 thousand copies into an Off-Broadway smash hit stage play with Co-Writer Blake Roberts and the duo have written the script for a feature film. She has become an HIV/AIDS educator, and is an advocate for Abstinence and Health Literacy.

In her former career, Dr. LaJoyce was a high-powered entertainment publicist to the STARS. As Director of Publicity at Arista Records in the mid-90s, she represented music legends, multi-platinum and Diamond Certified artists such as The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Toni Braxton, Kenny G, OutKast, Monica, Deborah Cox, Craig Mack, Total, Faith Evans, 112, Usher, TLC, Whitney Houston, and The Notorious B.I.G aka (Biggie Smalls) until his death.

Due to her efforts as Director of Publicity her artists sold over 100 million albums worldwide, such as The Preachers Wife soundtrack, one of the best-selling gospel albums of all time selling an estimated six million copies; The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack selling over 12 million copies and winning a Grammy for best R&B song; TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool certified Diamond album sold over 23 million copies and spent over two years on the Billboard album charts making TLC the first and only girl group in history to be awarded Diamond status. LaJoyce also worked on both Toni Braxton’s certified Double Platinum album Secret selling over 15 million copies; and The Notorious B.I.G’s Ready To Die was certified four times Platinum and his last album Life after Death was Certified Diamond selling over 10 million copies and making it one of the best-selling Rap albums of all time; and Kenny G. earned the status as best-selling Instrumental Artist of all times selling over 75 million records. LaJoyce has worked with bona-fide R&B and Hip-Hop Royalty which firmly plants her on the throne amongst the Stars behind the Stars. Brookshire’s next bestseller is co-created with Michelle Joyce, WOMEN BEHIND THE MIC: Curators of Pop Culture featuring women who have worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, was inspired by more than two decades of experiences.

Dr. LaJoyce lives in the Poconos with husband Gus – also a Pastor – and together they have a teenage daughter.


THE HERBAL HOUR is an excellent introduction to Naturopathy and how it benefits the body, mind, and Spirit. Here we address all myths about herbal usage and their effectiveness, using the integrated model with other practitioners for ultimate healing, and stress the importance of an alliance with a Chiropractor to keep the spine aligned.

THE HERBAL HOUR is a 90-minute presentation on: “Three Things to do for Good Health that Cost Nothing”. 


An in-depth look at western medicine and the doctors who ‘practice’ medicine on their sick patients with an additional prescription at each office visit. From cancer, to diabetes, to fibromyalgia, there are basic scientific answers to why an illness takes over the body in the first place that has been overlooked by traditional doctors.


A colorful, yet persuasive discussion concerning the fact that we ARE what we eat. Our entire existence is part of a glorious cycle that the Creator has set in motion. What we eat, what we do or don’t eliminate, what we drink, and our sleep is all part of the process. Living healthy is OUR choice.


This lecture helps women understand that staying well begins with them. Presented are ways to consider healthier lifestyles and how to introduce better food choices to the whole family.


A close examination of cleaning and personal care items in the home that make us sick. Presented will be natural alternatives to traditional products that have unbelievingly led to traditional sickness and disease.


This is a program specifically designed for teens and young adults to SHOW them the ugliness of STDs, STIs, and HIV.

It is time we stopped talking about it and rolled the video tape. Risky behavior is continued because no one has ever seen the ugliness we keep saying exists.

This program is graphic in nature but is designed to reach the teen/young adult who is considering entering sexual relations. The one who is already engaging in relations and get them to convert to abstinence and to begin to understand what it means to have abstinence as a solid choice they can live with until marriage.


Discusses marrying a man who knew he had HIV but didn’t tell her, the miracle in being HIV-negative, and not knowing that he was on the down-low until he was dead. A source of information for women of all ages and encourages young women to empower themselves with information before engaging in sex and before becoming a statistic, with a 200-question challenge.


Discusses marrying a man who knew he had HIV but didn’t tell her, the miracle in being victoriously HIV-negative and stood on her faith while she honored the wedding vow “in sickness and in health” while she cared for him until his death. Dr. Brookshire encourages audiences to empower themselves with information before saying “I do”, and before becoming a statistic, with a 200-question challenge.