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Two of my favorite docs of all time, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Perlmutter have teamed-up to discuss the raging epidemic of Alzheimer’s in this country and HOW it can be prevented and even reversed. I contend that your biography does NOT have to be your biology. The diseases that Mama and […]

Protect Yourself from Alzheimer’s

Here we are with a great expose on the margarine industry. I usually teach this lesson in my workshops but it is worth stating here so that margarine will become a thing of the past.   Margarine was created in 1813 in France by a chemist. He won the prize offered by […]

Margarine Exposed!

The GMO phenomenon has finally hit the fan! Doctors are now speaking out why they themselves do not dare touch GMO foods. Aside from the very real possibility of glowing in the dark, I too do not. This is a touchy-touchy subject because the argument has been that we need GMO […]

Doctors Against GMO’s

The News is out…the numbers are in…and it is now a known fact: Vaccines are NOT safe. Holistic health care practitioners have been continually shouting this from the mountaintops whenever you ask them if vaccines are safe. The Health Freedom Alliance has developed this form for doctors who insist on […]

Will Your Doc Sign This Form?