Dr. Brookshire is a trained Doctor of Naturopathy and Naturopathic Ministry, as well as a Master Herbologist. The “Good” Doctor can treat a wide range of complaints and welcomes patients of all ages, male or female.


Dr. Brookshire is available for you to “Ask the Good Doctor” about the following areas:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Personalized Eating Plan and Lifestyle Analysis
  • Healthy New You Workshops
  • Attractor Field Technique (AFT)
  • Holistic Weight Loss Management
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Program
  • Reflexology
  • Body Talk
  • Face Reading
  • Tongue Reading
  • Mobile Services
  • Free Monthly Lectures
  • Kitchen Clean-Out  (Dr. Brookshire will come to your home to assess the contents of the cabinets, fridge, and freezer. Contraband and un-healthy foods will be discarded and she will accompany the family to the store to replace with healthy choices.)


Dr. Brookshire is also a dynamic teacher and she provides customized workshops and lectures such as:

“The Herbal Hour”
THE HERBAL HOUR is an excellent introduction to Naturopathy and how it benefits the body, mind, and Spirit. Here we address all myths about herbal usage and their effectiveness, using the integrated model with other practitioners for ultimate healing, and stress the importance of an alliance with a Chiropractor to keep the spine aligned.

THE HERBAL HOUR is a 90-minute presentation on: “Three Things to do for Good Health that Cost Nothing”. 

“If Your Doctor Is So Smart, Why Are You So Sick?”

An in-depth look at western medicine and the doctors who ‘practice’ medicine on their sick patients with an additional prescription at each office visit. From cancer, to diabetes, to fibromyalgia, there are basic scientific answers to why an illness takes over the body in the first place that has been overlooked by traditional doctors.

“Yes…You ARE What You Eat”

A colorful, yet persuasive discussion concerning the fact that we ARE what we eat. Our entire existence is part of a glorious cycle that the Creator has set in motion. What we eat, what we do or don’t eliminate, what we drink, and our sleep is all part of the process. Living healthy is OUR choice.

“If Mama is Broken, The Whole House is Sick” 

This lecture helps women understand that staying well begins with them. Presented are ways to consider healthier lifestyles and how to introduce better food choices to the whole family.

“Is Your Home Healthy?”

A close examination of cleaning and personal care items in the home that make us sick. Presented will be natural alternatives to traditional products that have unbelievingly led to traditional sickness and disease.